Who we are

Who we are

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Ugis Strauss is the President of Nordic Training International – an international management game, simulation and training company having offices in Riga, Moscow, St Petersburg and other places.

[blockquote]My specialties are: simulation and management game based training to airport, banking, building, manufacturing, retail and pharmaceutical industries. As well as teaching boardgames games design for educational systems and business.[/blockquote]

He holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from LU and Masters Degree in European Affairs from College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium and qualifications in psychology and coaching from Erickson University, Canada. Ugis is the Principal Designer of NTI’s management trainings and simulation games in fields of Leadership, Management, Finance, Negotiations and others. Ugis bright personality, structured approach, incredible sense of humor and deep commitment to people’s success builds incredible results for his audiences in the training room. His customers include Bazel Group, CocaCola, Evrohim, Evraz Group, VTB24, HomeCredit, Pulkovo Airport, Rosneft, Sibur, Latvian Ministry of Education VISC and many others.

International cell +371-29288892
Russia cell +79197615116

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