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Case Studies

We Provide Experiential Learning – Learning by Doing

Home Credit Bank

Develops and Uses ProBank Simulation

In 2009 the Home Credit Bank Russia approached us with a request to develop a banking business simulation teaching strategic planning to the banks managers that would also allow them to test different possible strategic decisions and their impact on business. Simulation was to be run at the banks corporate university for target audience of their middle level managers.

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Reitan Group

Boosts Their Customer Service

In 2013 Management of Reitan Group Latvia decided it wanted to put even more emphasis on customer service as a part of their daily activities. Reitan chose Frontline – our Excellent Customer Service Simulation Boardgame. We customized the game to fit Reitan’s business activities.

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National Centre of Education

Puts 40 Math& Sciences Boargames in all 800+ Latvian schools

We approached the Project with an idea that we could bring some innovation into schools and create teaching boardgames both as teaching tool and motivational tool for grade 6-11 students. The Project agreed and we started to work.

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Merkis Coca-Cola

Uses Merkis for their Management Succession Program and COBRA Performance Management Relaunch

The Moscow operation approached us with a request to structure and conduct management succession program. They had had chosen their talent pool and wanted to prepare its participants for a smooth transition from “manage people” to “manage managers”. We went for almost a year long management succession program based on our simulations. We kicked off with 3 day business simulation Merkis Development. In addition to the Merkis game itself we used 3 coaches who worked full time observing and coaching 7 participants each. Once a day each coach met each of „his” participants for a coaching meeting. For the first session it was rapport building and feedback on 7 key Coca-Cola competencies showed in the game, then it continued with coaching about areas skills to develop end resulted in a plan for remaining 2 days of gameplay.

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Merkis Short Cases

How KBR East, Heidelberg Cement, Stockholm School of Economics, Sberbank, Eurochem, Evraz and others use Merkis Business Simulation.

KBR East, located in Svetogorsk, Russia, for more than 3 years uses business simulation Merkis for their talent pool assessment and development. Each year about 50 KBR’s engineers, members of their talent pool play Merkis Strategy Simulation. They run their game companies for 6 game years with emphasis on acquiring business acumen, learning business strategy and strategic thinking as well as training decision making and financial skills. On top of that KBR uses Merkis as an assessment tool – trained KBR assessors observe each team’s gameplay and assesses every player against key KBR’s competencies.

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Finnish Company Olvi uses TimeMentor Office Simulation Game

in their Latvian Brewery Cesu Alus

Cesu Alus trained all of their staff except workers with TimeMentor Office game. Executive team, line managers, sales department, production and other office workers played TimeMentor Office topped up with some key time management applied theory concepts. In addition to learning effects, some departments used also used the game as a team building event. Production department used simulation as an assessment tool, putting potential managers in leadership roles and assessors observing their performance.

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Korean Massage Equipment Producer Nuga Medical Develops 3 Board Games

to Improve their Business Processes in Eastern Europe

NugaBest, Nuga Medical East European dealer started to face some difficulties in maintaining the same customer service level in all of its parlors, attracting attention of its visitors to the sales presentations, and in training anatomy knowledge and product information to its sales assistants. They turned to us for a custom game development as a solution.

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Pulkovo Airport Develops Simulation

for Airport Business Acumen and Improved Customer Service

Pulkovo approached us in 2011 with a request to develop an airport management simulation reaching the following goals: To increase the customer focus of the airport’s employees. To provide a helicopter view to airport management. To provide understanding, how the airport makes money. To show, how a decision made by any employee has an effect on the airport’s profit. To improve the communication among different functions of the airport, to provide the employees of one function with the understanding of importance of others. To let employees experience other roles in the airport. To grasp importance of delays– to understand that a delay in one area holds back the next and then the next and results in financial loss to the airport.

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