One of the leading business game and simulation developers in Europe

Company Overview

Our founders when they were kids liked to play different games, and this hobby now has turned into full time business.

Started in 1998, Nordic is one of the leading business game and simulation developers in Europe. Initially we started off as the largest player in trainings market in Latvia. Currently we are one of leading business game and simulation developers and providers in Russia, with partnerships in Europe and US.

We specialize in work with multinationals, our portfolio contains more than 30 business games and simulations plus additional 40 games for youth and school system.

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Our History

1998. Nordic Training International established in Riga, Latvia. We started off as a training company offering sales and management trainings.

2000. Opened our first branch in Kiev, Ukraine.

2001. We designed our first business simulation „Merkis”.

2001. Opened our second branch in Moscow, Russia.

2002. We created our first educational boardgame „TimeMentor Life Balance”, first boardgame on time management in the world.

2003. Opened our office in the US, Omaha, Nebraska. Started participating in international training exhibitions like ASTD and others.

2004. Created our second business simulation „Mr. President”.

2005. We became the largest training company in Latvia.

2006. Opened our office in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2007. Opened our representation in Shanghai, China. Designed our English teaching by playing concept Play English. Developed 20 boardgames (in 3 different levels) for teaching English.

2008. The crisis came. We shut down our operations in Lithuania, and reduced in the US, China and Ukraine.

2009. Created team climate improvement boardgame „Islands and Bridges”, retail strategy boardgame „Expansion” and team building boardgame „Team Hockey”. Refocused our business to be business game provider and designer. Started to license our games to other companies.

2010. Created banking simulation „ProBank”. We entered into ownership and started to manage the Cristian Leadership College in Latvia.

2011. Created negotiation skills training game „Peak Negotiator” and simulation „Manufacturer”. Developed 18 board games on chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology for the Ministry of Education of Latvia, which were included in the compulsory school curricula of all 800 comprehensive schools of Latvia as well as printed and delivered to these schools. Expanded our activities in Russia, thus becoming one of the largest and most serious players in this market.

2012. Created time management boardgame „TimeMentor Office”. Created airport management simulation „Airport”.

2013. Created situational leadership training game „Situational Pirate”, sales skills game „ProSales”, Human resource management game „Golden Resource” and creativity game „Amulet”. Created the CoolTool Brand to develop and promote the educational games.

2014. Finalized our customer service game „Frontline”. Finished a large railroad simulation game development project for the Russian Railroad – probably the biggest company in the world employing more than 1.200.000 employees.

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