Business Simulations

Business Simulations

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Excellent Customer Service Simulation Game

Frontline is training boardgame about outstanding frontline customer service. The first part is about customer service principles. Second part is customer service skill training in a competitive game format.

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Peak Negotiator

Negotiation Skills Building Simulation Game

Peak Negotiator is a challenging business training game that sharpens tough negotiation and bargaining skills on price and conditions. The form of Peak Negotiator Game is negotiations tournament among 4 teams, where each team member plays 12-18 negotiation matches either one on one or in other combinations with players from other teams.

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TimeMentor Office

Time Management Simulation Game

TimeMentor Office is a board game that trains players to manage their time at work, individually and in a team. Players in teams manage their game enterprises and compete for best company profit and individual salaries.

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Merkis Simulation

Strategic Manufacturing Business Management Training Simulation

MERKIS is an effective communication, business-process-management and decision-making simulation game that is employed to teach Teamwork, Communication, Strategy, Business Acumen or Change Management Skills, and to give participants a Helicopter View on how the company functions. Participants in competing teams manage simulated companies with physical tangible production factories, decisions not only need to be taken but also implemented in real time and with real people.

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ProBank Simulation

Strategic Retail Bank Management Simulation Boardgame

ProBank is a strategic retail banking management simulation. Participants for 3 days in teams manage and develop their own bank for 3-4 years, competing for the best profit and market share. Simulation covers branch network business and consumer lending business, credit and debit cards, cash loans, car leasing and mortgages as well capital raising, loan recovery and P&L statements.

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Islands & Bridges

Team Climate Improvement and Team Building Boardgame

Islands and Bridges is a board game that improves internal communications and work climate in different working teams. By fun game play participants hear other team member’s personal stories, really learn to listen and thus understand each other better. This understanding leads to both better relations and improved team climate.

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Airport Simulation

Airport Management and Customer Service Training Simulation Game

Airport is a 2 day role-playing business simulation that shows the airport business acumen and importance of good customer service. The game is played by teams of 3-4 people, where every team is responsible for their terminal of a large airport. In the beginning each team builds its terminal, and then manages it, performing the key functions – passenger check-in, security checks, and boarding, as well as servicing planes at gates. The task of every team is to achieve the best financial result – profit, maintaining a high level of customer service and the increasing passenger traffic.

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TimeMentor Life Balance

Work-Life Balance and Time Management Simulation Boardgamе

Time Mentor Life Balance Boardgame teaches key principles of work life balance, personal efficiency and time management. Every player runs a virtual game life, they have to make choices in goals they set and tasks they do in order to increase their personal efficiency and achieve a good work-life balance.

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Mr. President Simulation

Personal Leadership Skills Training Simulation Game

Mr. President is an intensive strategic simulation on personal leadership, decision making and business – government relations. 50+ participants run an imaginary country in 2 teams – businesses and government. Government is country’s President, Prime Minister, 4 key Ministers, Parliament, Court of Justice, IRS, Customs etc. Businesses –18+ different companies that work in the furniture industry supply chain, their satellite businesses and stock exchange. Government has to manage country budget facing large external debt burden and lead the country out of crisis, businesses have raise production volumes and earn profits.

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Retail Chain Expansion Strategy Simulation Boardgame

Expansion is a challenging strategic board game where each participant manages a retail chain company and competes with others. In real life that might be retail stores, restaurants, bank offices, service businesses etc. Players must develop and implement strategy, while managing limited resources and making prompt decisions. In the game participants must: open new stores (offices, restaurants), hire employees and managers, train employees, acquire new territories, set up channels of communication, receive profit, launch additional services for upselling, and of course, consider the competition.

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[testimonial author=”Konstantin Chukchukov, Regional General Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic”]

We would like to say thank you to Ugis Strauss – the Guru and Trainer of our Business Club project for delivering both brilliant business simulation “Merkis” and a year long management succession program based on his business games.[/testimonial] [icon icon=”globe”] Visit our Clients&References for more.