Concept & Approach

Concept & Approach

Learning versus Playing

Who learns faster than children? Nobody. Why? Because they don’t learn, they play, they experience, they have fun. It is somehow different with adults, especially in business environments. They „learn”, „ study” and take themselves way too seriously afraid to make mistakes, and that’s why they learn much much slower. Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? Compare your results with your kid’s if they have a native Spanish speaker kid to play with. Who said that training ment to be boring listening to trainer’s slides at speed of 30 slides per hour?

We Provide Experiential Learning – Learning by Doing

We bring a different meaning to the word training – our Training isn’t listening, our training is playing and experiencing.

[pullquote align=”left”] Our Mission is to make the learning easier, faster and more fun for employees of any business. For this purpose we develop, deliver and licence our business games and simulations at the best we can.

We believe that knowing means being able to do….. The old days of stand-up presentations called trainings are gone. We believe that people learn best from experience. We believe that people learn much more by practicing skills than talking about them. We believe in high-involvement activities –simulations, games, role plays, interactive exercises and working with the participants real-life issues. We believe you can play almost everything, and especially because you are an adult.

We believe that you can get complex processes and concepts much quicker, if you play them – experience first, theory second. We believe that the training effect is much deeper and longer lasting from a simulation or game rather than stand-up training.

We believe in simulations that can give years-worth company experience in just 2 days. And we believe that you can teach soft skills by games.

[icon icon=”star”] Our Training Results are “Skills in the Muscle”

Training results are what people use, change or remember six months after the training session. That is what we call real results. Since adults best leearn from their own mistakes, games and simulations are the training methods that have the bigest impact.

Traditional training works for people who are extremely motivated to employ the skills they learn in their lives. For corporate training this is not often the case – people are often not so motivated as that.

Nordic’s gaming phylosophy is that change happens in the training room. Since learning a skill may require 20 repetitions, we spend up to 80% of total class time on playing, experiencing an practicing. In our games and simulations we let people exercise the skill, make mistakes, get feedback (from game results, self-reflection and others), do it again, improve again and continue to do it until the skill is truly learned or “in the muscle,” and not just an idea in the mind.

[icon icon=”star”] Our Content is “the Difference that Makes the Difference”

Nordic’s game and simulation content is based on deep research and modelling of successful people in each area that we cover – successful salespeople, negotiators, managers, communicators, strategists etc. We base our content on “the differences that makes the difference” – those and only those behaviors, skills, strategies, beliefs and principles that guarantee necessary results in the fastest ways possible.

[icon icon=”star”] Our games and simulations are designed both for the work and for the people

We are all human. We believe that the highest training impact occurs when you train not only skills but also touch each participant’s personality. In Nordic’s training people often achieve breakthroughs that produce powerful results in their work lives, as well as in their personal lives.

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