TimeMentor Life Balance Game


TimeMentor Life Balance

Work-Life Balance and Time Management Simulation Boardgamе

Time Mentor Life Balance Boardgame teaches key principles of work life balance, personal efficiency and time management. Every player runs a virtual game life, they have to make choices in goals they set and tasks they do in order to increase their personal efficiency and achieve a good work-life balance.



  • Valuable practice in priority setting
  • Game based experience of getting your life back-in-balance.
  • Game based experience of increasing your personal efficiency
  • Strong and weak life areas assessment.
  • Life Balancing Plan
  • Plan to increase personal efficiency
  • Discovery of your limiting beliefs about time management and personal efficiency.
  • Discovery of your subconscious life priorities, both to what you pay most and least attention.
  • Review of key time management concepts
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  • Middle managers and executives who are interested in work life balance.
  • Participants of general Time Management trainings, if trainers want to introduce work life balance concepts.


[one_fourth]Each player plays by himself, up to 4 players at one table. Players move their pawns «around the clock» by throwing dice. During the workweek different events happen at each move and new current tasks appear. Players then must choose whether to do a certain task or not, when to do it and how to perhaps change their plans to accomplish more.[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Every participant also has a personal weekly planner. Players should plan there all tasks they are going to do. It helps to track progress of all of the planned tasks as well as time and money.[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Every task and goal belongs to one life responsibility area. There are 8 total – career, finances, personal growth, family, health, leisure, spiritual and daily routines. Each accomplished task also earns a certain number of life balance stars.[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]At the end of the first week players evaluate their life balance. By filling in the life balance form the players can see how balanced their game life is. In the next weeks players must consciously set goals and prioritize current tasks, in order to get their lives more balanced compared to the previous week. How to get more time for tasks that bring more balance? By increasing personal efficiency – doing more with less![/one_fourth_last]

Skills and Concepts Covered in the Game

  • Work – life balance
  • 4 quadrants of urgent-important tasks
  • Responsibility areas
  • Goal setting
  • Tactical planning
  • Personal efficiency
  • Priority setting

[icon icon=”notebook”] GAME FACTS

  • Duration– 5-8 hours (with feedback and life balance theory)
  • Group size – 4-100 people
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