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Frontline Game

Excellent Customer Service Simulation Game

Frontline is training boardgame about outstanding frontline customer service. The first part is about customer service principles. Second part is customer service skill training in a competitive game format.

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Peak Negotiator Simulation

Negotiation Skills Building Simulation Game

Peak Negotiator is a challenging business training game that sharpens tough negotiation and bargaining skills on price and conditions. The form of Peak Negotiator Game is negotiations tournament among 4 teams, where each team member plays 12-18 negotiation matches either one on one or in other combinations with players from other teams.

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Dynamic, productive, intelligible!!! Our own expertise was systemized, adding some new experiences. We had a great time during the strategic retreat and we also got many great ideas for work with some of our “tough” clients.[/testimonial]


[one_half_last] [testimonial author=”Aleksey Vimpelcom (Beeline), Training Manager”]

The Peak Negotiator game is very dynamic, interesting, highly charged. Information is presented in an easy-to-understand way, there are vivid, easy-to-remember characters used. Many things, even those known before, are seen in a different light. Even if unconsciously we have applied these negotiation strategies before, now we have concrete tools, that will come very useful in our work and real life. Now we use this game in all our offices.[/testimonial]


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