Frontline Game


Frontline Game

Upselling and Excellent Customer Service Simulation Game

Frontline is a two part training board game about upselling and good frontline customer service. The first part is about principles of upselling and good customer service. Second part is upselling and customer service skill training in a competitive game format.



  • Upselling skills training and strategies
  • Understanding key building blocks of a good customer service
  • Principles and attitudes of good customer service
  • Hands on customer service skills training
  • Increased motivation towards customer service and upselling
  • Reintroduction of customer service topic in new format
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  • Retail sales assistants and their managers
  • Frontline customer service personnel and their managers
  • Key account managers
  • Customer service teams in retail, hospitality, airlines, utilities, medicine, finance


The game consists of 2 parts – game of concepts, which provides knowledge on the principles and attitudes of upselling and good service, and game of skills, which trains the behavioral skills of the above.


Game of Concepts

Players move around the board and on each step they discover different principles of upselling and customer service; to score points they need to discuss and evaluate them, thus acquiring the underlying principles.

This part covers the following customer service topics:

  • We want customer loyalty instead of satisfaction.
  • 20 principles of good customer service.
  • 20 upselling techniques
  • 20 factors why customers won’t return to your company
  • 20 WOW factors.
  • 20 Banned phrases of customer service.
  • +1 principle – doing more than the client has asked for.
  • Upselling strategies.
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Customer Service Matches

Participants by the game board are split into groups of 4, where one plays the client and others play shop assistants. Board contains industry specific real life upselling and customer service situations in 7 categories. One player from each group chooses a situation to play and his role in it (customer or shop assistant), the others also choose their roles. Then the match is played. All 3 shop assistants play exactly the same situation with the client. He then should determine just one winner based on his customer satisfaction, award victory points and provide feedback to all players. Then the players change their groups, and receive the next situation. This part covers the following customer service situations and skills.

  • First impression and contact
  • Questioning
  • Upselling
  • Solving problem situations
  • Dealing with a conflicting client
  • Begin your answer with «Yes».
  • +1 Principle – doing more than the client has asked for.


  • Each round of customer service matches or game of concepts lasts for about 1,5 hours, during the day several rounds are played.
  • Each round is followed by a discussion about covered principles and skills and trainer’s feedback. In the 2 day program sales and customer service theory is also covered, usually after each game round.
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  • The game IS CUSTOMIZED for each industry.
  • It means that we custom develop industry specific real life sales and customer service situation cards for each of our game delivery clients, for instance, banking situations for banks and convenience store situations for convenience stores.
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  • Using Frontline as first sales and customer service training for new hires (usually 2 day training with theory).
  • “They know but don’t use” – reinforcing or reintroducing sales and customer service concepts to experienced customer service reps.
  • Frontline game tournament within the organization to increase upselling and customer service motivation.
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[icon icon=”notebook”] GAME FACTS

  • One game set is for group of up to 16 people. It includes two concept game boards and one board for negotiation matches.
  • Several groups of 16 can play in parallel up to 100 participants.
  • Game duration 4-8 hours.
  • Duration of sales and customer service training with theory and based on the game – 2 days.
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[icon icon=”bookmark”] CASE STUDY

Reitan Group boosts their Customer Service!

Reitan chose Frontline – our Upselling and Excellent Customer Service Simulation Board game. We customized the game to fit Reitan’s business activities – players in cases now needed to deal with convenience store situations like spilled unpaid coffee, customers getting angry, when needed to stand in line, upselling, when customer buys a newspaper etc. Full case READ HERE.

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