Expansion Teambuilding Game


Expansion Teambuilding Game

Retail Chain Expansion Strategy Simulation Boardgame

Expansion is a challenging board game where each participant manages a retail chain company and competes with others. In real life that might be retail stores, restaurants, bank offices, service businesses etc. Players must develop and implement strategy, while managing limited resources and making prompt decisions. In the game participants must: open new stores (offices, restaurants), hire employees and managers, train employees, acquire new territories, set up channels of communication, receive profit, launch additional services for upselling, and of course, consider the competition.




  • Decision making.
  • Systemic thinking.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Change management.
  • Experience in management and development of a retail chain.
  • Team work.
  • Communication with competitors and business partners.
  • Persuasion skills (both in team and with competitors).
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  • Employees of different retail chains – stores, restaurants, banks, service businesses, etc.
  • Managers, and not only from retail.
  • Company’s talent pool.




Every player should open new stores, compete with others, be profitable and expand to new territories. Everybody has his game mission – strategic business goal. Whoever fulfils his mission first, wins, and usually that is a result of a few strategic decisions made right, not tactics.

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Every player builds communications between stores, appoints store managers and hires employees, earns profit and invests in development. In each move player’s thinking should be focused on creating a small competitive advantage towards just one of competitors, in the next move towards another, thus slowly but surely getting ahead of all competition.

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There are 5-6 players at one board, thus group of 20 people needs 4 boards (the more people, the more boards). In addition, all participants are split into teams (in this case 5 teams of 4 players), where every team mate plays with players from other teams.

That team, where all members first have completed their missions, wins. Thus team members are allowed to communicate, share expertise and resources (including money and personnel) as well as learn from each other.



  • Tactical planning skills.
  • Strategic planning skills.
  • Resource management.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Goal setting for business.
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  • Work in highly competitive environments.
  • Profitability assessments.
  • Teamwork and cooperation.
  • Competition – fight or cooperate?
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Training and development

As a stand-alone event.

As part of other trainings such as Systems Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making etc.

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Yes, it can perfectly be used as team building, and added value that you are getting is systemic and strategic thinking, planning and persuasion skills as well as helicopter view on retail chain development.

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Evaluation for development as well as evaluation for selection.

Evaluation in accordance with client’s competence model.



[icon icon=”notebook”] GAME FACTS

  • Game duration: 4-8 hours with feedback.
  • Group size: 5-100 and more participants.
  • Participants will receive their own participant manual to create and analyse plans, strategies and decisions made.
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