Islands & Bridges Game


Islands & Bridges Game

Team Climate Improvement and Team Building Boardgame

„Islands and Bridges” is a board game that improves internal communications and work climate in different working teams. By the help of fun game play participants really learn to listen, they hear other team member’s stories and thus understand each other better. And understanding leads to both better relations and improved team climate.



  • Listening skills
  • Safe personal experiences sharing
  • Deeper understanding of team members
  • Understanding of how your colleagues perceive you
  • Climate improvement
  • Fun teambuilding event


  • Working teams of any kind
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Olga Babkovskaya, Posuda Center, Novosibirsk, Russia, HR Manager: ‘We very much liked Islands and Bridges event conducted by Nordic for our team. Positive and really profound experience delivered in an absolutely professional manner. It was exactly what we needed’.




First Part

All participants depart to their journeys on the board – their task is to collect victory points and reach their goals first (up to 8 people at one table). On each move they get question cards they have to answer. There are 5 question groups – questions about players past experiences, present beliefs or preferences and future dreams as well as questions about their perceptions of other people and fun quiz challenges. By hearing answers to those questions players discover others from a different and sometimes surprisingly pleasant angle thus adding a new perspective to their relationship.

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Second Part

In this part all players from all the tables sit in one big circle and give feedback about each participant. Everybody can hear what other people discovered or liked about him most as well as teams can catch up on key findings at other tables. This part helps the group to season and to transform into one team.

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Third Part

This is the associative part of the game where every participant can assess his understanding of his colleagues as well as see how he himself is perceived by them. Participants have to answer questions about other players and at the same time also guess what the rest of the table would answer in their place. This is a safe „reality check” part that draws together players’ internal self-perception with external perception by others thus allowing the person to fine-tune his team player’s behaviours.


[icon icon=”notebook”] GAME FACTS

  • Duration: 2-5 hours
  • Duration of a communication skills training that uses „Islands and Bridges”: 8-16 hours.
  • Group size: 4-100.
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