Mr. President Simulation


Mr. President Simulation

Personal Leadership Skills Training Simulation Game

Mr. President is an intensive strategic simulation on personal leadership, decision making and business – government relations.


  • Development of leadership potential and skills
  • Breakthrough in participants thinking and pushing up the personal limits
  • Experience:
    • Experience based understanding on SME decision making and entrepreneurship.
    • Experience based understanding on the working of government and politics and mechanisms to influence it.
    • Linkage between the two above.
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    • Skills:
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Fast decision making
      • Strategic thinking
      • Systems thinking
      • Negotiation skills (external)
      • Problem solving skills
      • People management kills
      • Teamwork
      • Understanding entrepreneurial finance
      • Investment


      • MBA and other students with the aim to get experience based understanding on government – business relations.
      • Companies going through culture change as a tool to implement the new culture.
      • Large teams looking for a unique teambuilding.
      • Participants of advanced personal development programs.



Countries and roles

50+ participants find themselves in the same imaginary country. One to four countries of 50 people can play simultaniusly. In each country participants are split into 2 teams – businesses and government. Businesses – that’s more than 18 different companies of 1-2 people that work in the furniture industry supply chain, satellite businesses like food supplies and housing and also a stock exchange. Government – it’s the country’s President, Prime minister with 4 key Ministers, Parliament, Court of Justice as well as supporting government agencies (IRS, Customs etc).[/one_third]


Key tasks in different roles

Main tasks of the business structures are to earn money and pay taxes. Main task of the government – to govern and manage the country, issue different laws and ensure their implementation, collect taxes, manage the country’s budget, as well as maintain a healthy external relations balance with neighbouring countries.

The game models political and economy processes happening in business, government and society, like, elections, economic downturn, privatization etc.[/one_third]


Working life and personal life

Each participant in the simulation has his working life– either in government or business structures, NGO options also are available. The roles can change with time being later in the game, although more as a result of personal initiative or failure to act than trainer’s directive rule.

In parallel, every person has to manage his personal financial and social life. This means paying his personal bills, taking care of investments and developing new ones as well as having housing and perhaps a game family.[/one_third_last]



Production is hands-on and takes place in real time– furniture is physically assembled in the classroom from a special constructor kit with the help of custom designed production technology machines. With the help of toy cars the ready made products are delivered to customers and raw materials delivered onsite.[/one_half]



Game is run in game rounds that are called years. Each round there is a decision making part, where teams, individual business owners and government create strategy for the coming year. Then there is decision implementation round (60 minutes) when the physical production and deliveries are allowed. And then there is debrief/feedback/new theory round conducted by trainers to capitalize the learning and improve strategies and behaviour for the next year.[/one_half_last]


Four Types of Learning in the Game

      • Theoretical material
      • Personal experience – taking right and not so right decisions.
      • Peer learning, including personalized feedback.
      • Learning from the game structure and situations..
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Possible Theory

      • Problem solving skills
      • Decision making skills
      • Entrepreneurial finance
      • Communication and influence
      • Thinking outside the box
      • Lobbying
      • Functioning of the government

[icon icon=”notebook”] GAME FACTS

      • Duration: 20-24 hours, 2-3 days
      • Group size: minimum 50 people, maximum 200
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