Case Study: Olvi – TimeMentor Office Simulation Game


Finnish Company Olvi uses TimeMentor Office Simulation Game

in their Latvian Brewery Cesu Alus

Olvi is a Finnish brewery and soft drinks company founded in 1878. It currently holds 18.7% of Finland’s market share in beverages, making it the largest Finnish-owned business in its sector. Its subsidiary, Cesu Alus is the largest in Latvia, A. Le Coq, is the second largest beverage company in Estonia. Olvi also has businesses in Lithuania (Wolfas Engelman) and Belarus (Lidskаe Pivа).

Cesu Alus were looking for innovative ways to raise efficiency and attractiveness of their internal management trainings conducted by their training department. Since company’s focus for the last years has been efficiency they purchased license of TimeMentor Office game.

Daiga Ozolina Punane, Head of Cesu Alus HR Department: We are an innovative company ourselves. We chose TimeMentor Office because it also was an absolute innovation in technology of training. Our people do not want PowerPoint anymore; we like the idea of learning by playing.

Cesu Alus trained all of their staff except workers with TimeMentor Office game. Executive team, line managers, sales department, production and other office workers played TimeMentor Office topped up with some key time management applied theory concepts. In addition to learning effects, some departments used also used the game as a team building event. Production department used simulation as an assessment tool, putting potential managers in leadership roles and assessors observing their performance.

Many participants said that TimeMentor Office simulation game was their best learning experience in the last 5 years; it got scored on average 4,9 out of 5 by all participants. According to participants, the key learnings were priority setting tools, communication skills, seeing and understanding your own limiting beliefs about efficiency (and changing them), ability to say “no” to low priority tasks as well as delegation skills and much less time for emails.

Daiga Ozolina Punane: Human transformation that is possible in such a short period of time is just fantastic! Participants immediately see their own time management mistakes and limiting beliefs; can improve for the next game week and then capitalize their insights for real life use. I have attended many time management trainings myself and run them as well but this is definitely the best – so many deep insights so fast! For me as a trainer TimeMentor Office also is a leadership and teamwork assessment tool. Based on this assessment we can create participants individual development plans or other interventions.

Even when almost everybody in the company has been trained, Cesu Alus plans to use the simulation in future as well – for new employee company introduction, team buildings and repeat trainings, when efficiency in any team may fall.

Daiga Ozolina Punane: Initially investment seemed rather high, though now I can say the game was worth much more. In terms of business impact of TimeMentor Office I can say that due to better planning our employees stress level has significantly decreased, resulting in their productivity raise. Also our sales team performs even better lately, partially due to personal efficiency increase. If you have an organization of even 200 employees it is worth to have this game in-house, have internal trainers run it and you will have outstanding results!

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TimeMentor Office Game

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TimeMentor Office is a board game that trains players to manage their time at work, individually and in a team. Players in teams manage their game enterprises and compete for best company profit and individual salaries.

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