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[two_third][testimonial author=”Svetlana Strelcova, X5 Retail, Head of the Training Centre”]I can say that “Nordic Training International” is a very customer oriented company. Our company purchased the ‘Expansion’ game for our training centre. We got a very high quality product, we use ‘Expansion’ in various trainings, it is the main feature in our programme on decision making in particular. We are also pleasantly surprised about all other games developed by the company NTI.[/testimonial][/two_third]


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[two_third][testimonial author=”Konstantin Chukchukov, Regional General Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic”]We would like to say thank you to Ugis Strauss – the Guru and Trainer of our Business Club project for delivering both brilliant business simulation ‘MERKIS’ and a year long management succession program based on his business games.[/testimonial][/two_third]


[testimonial author=”Andrey Ruzheinikov, «InterStep», CEO”]The operativeness of work and broad professional knowledge, enabling it to develop and implement a ‘MERKIS’ project within a short period of time, the selected format of work and friendly atmosphere create a pleasant impression both on some individual stages of work and the whole training in its entirety. During the short period of cooperation we managed not only to get accustomed to the work of the new business, but also cover several cycles of years, make ourselves familiar with the principles of interaction of the main business departments, and also launch the process of internal self-analysis among the participants of the game.

The work was conducted on high emotional and informative level, in interesting and creative environment. A special thanks to our coach Ugis Strauss for maximum interest in successful outcome of the collaborative work.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Julia Maxota, JSC Synergy East, HR Director”]Business simulation ‘MERKIS’ – in the beginning our executive team did not understand it, it was difficult, after the end of the first “game year” the involvement started growing, the feedback given by the participants was very positive, here are a few of them:
…the game ‘MERKIS’ is interesting, extraordinary, makes us think.
…once again we saw our «weak» spots for development.
…we assessed one another, saw the undiscovered potential of some of us; we noticed the competences worth drawing attention to!
…really enjoyed the design of the simulation game and the trainer.[/testimonial]

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[two_third][testimonial author=” Aleksey Vimpelcom (Beeline), Training Manager”]The Peak Negotiator game is very dynamic, interesting, highly charged. Information is presented in an easy-to-understand way, there are vivid, easy-to-remember characters used. Many things, even those known before, are seen in a different light. Even if unconsciously we have applied these negotiation strategies before, now we have concrete tools, that will come very useful in our work and real life. Now we use this game in all our offices.[/testimonial][/two_third]


[testimonial author=”Vladimir Hasanshin, «Metkombank», HR Director”]Dynamic, productive, intelligible!!! Our own expertise was systemized, adding some new experiences. We had a great time during the strategic retreat and we also got many great ideas for work with some of our “tough” clients.[/testimonial]

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[testimonial author=”Anna Soldatkina, Training and Development Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia”]We loved the programme very much because of its vividness, quick involvement of participants in the training process, and dynamism. We bought the licence and now use the game internally. A special thanks to the trainer of the programme Sergey Fadeev for the striking examples, openness and an interesting way of presenting the material![/testimonial]

[two_third][testimonial author=”Natalja Nestrova, Chief Specialist of HR Department, Gazprom Neft NTC”]We would like to say a big thank you to the company NTI for their well done professional work on adaptation of the board game ‘Islands and Bridges’ to the needs of our company. Both adaptation and licencing process were done to the highest level.[/testimonial][/two_third]

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[testimonial author=”Olga Babkovskaya, Posuda Center, Novosibirsk, Russia, HR Manager“] ‘We very much liked Islands and Bridges event conducted by Nordic for our team. Positive and really profound experience delivered in an absolutely professional manner. It was exactly what we needed’.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Olga Knazeva, Deputy Director, Polipsan NTFF”]Training-game ‘Islands and Bridges’ took place in the relaxed and trusted environment. The presentation of knowledge in the form of a game is interesting and easy to remember. I would like to point out the high professionalism of the trainers who steered the game in the right direction and let the participants take their own decisions. Open communication in the group was very drawing together and necessary. Anyway, thank you very much for the high quality and time-efficient organization of trainings.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Ludmila Larionova, SAKS GAMES, JSC., Training Manager”]It is a great idea to have the ‘Islands and Bridges’ in the arsenal of virtually any company, since it can be used for various objectives – to develop teamwork and communication skills, to create a favorable climate, to adapt and involve newcomers into your team, for some brilliant joint corporate relaxation, to reduce stress and conflicts within your team, in order to learn how to listen and hear, to raise the level of self-esteem among your employees, to increase the loyalty of employees to the company, to unite the team.[/testimonial]

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[two_third][testimonial author=”Julia Maxota, JSC Synergy East, HR Director”]‘Situational Pirate’ game is a unique approach on the topic of situational leadership. Everything went smoothly and with no stress, there is a possibility of using your brain on the topic. We enjoyed the game design very much and will definitely use it again in the future.[/testimonial][/two_third]


[testimonial author=”Elena Yvanova, HR Director, CUM”]I really loved the game ‘Situational Pirate’. The theory of situational leadership, problem diagnostic skills and the degree of employee’s readiness to deal with it are played on in a very interesting way. And most importantly, you can get many more ideas and value than initially seems possible. The trainer very well helps players to see their common leadership styles and to assess their efficiency. This game to me is like a very deep metaphor – everybody sees there his own meaning, what that is of biggest importance to him at this very moment.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Umid Sabirov, Training Manager, Mosenergo”]A very handy design! Information is acquired much easier and in depth. That’s because the theory gets practiced straight away and during the game process you observe both yourself and others.[/testimonial]

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