CINTEG Design Solutions joins the NTI Group in Germany

The NTI Group (‘NTI’) continues to increase the presence in Germany as Autodesk Gold partner CINTEG Design Solutions GmbH (‘CDS’) joins. CDS has until now been a part of CINTEG AG, but from the 21.02.2022 CDS and 14 employees will join the NTI Group in Germany.

With the addition, NTI in Germany is supporting customers with our team of more than 120 experts from 14 locations spread over 6 federal states in Germany. The three new offices are located in Göppingen (Baden Württemberg), Oberhausen (Nordrhein Westfalen) and Bad Alexandersbad (Bayern).

The German NTI Group expansion journey

Steen Alexander, CEO NTI Group, says, “With the joining of CDS we now have 5 strong partners in Germany. Our presence in Germany has increased significantly during the last couple of years, both through acquisitions, but also with the opening of our newest German office in Burgau (Bavaria) this year. The German market is important for NTI and it is equally important to us that our customers are supported locally across the different industries.

The inclusion of CDS with more than 30 years of business experience is another important step towards this. When choosing our partners in Germany it is essential to us that we team up with partners that share our vision and add to the competences in our Group. It is our aim to be a solid partner to our customers by supporting them both with software, consultancy and training. A very warm welcome to our new customers and colleagues. We look forward supporting you with our strong German team.”

signing CDS

From left to right: Benno Meyer (Managing Director, CDS), Roland Sieber (Managing Director, CDS), Heinz Roos (Chairman of the Board, CINTEG), Steen Alexander (CEO NTI Group))

One strong German team

“We are excited to be joining the NTI Group in Germany and become a part of the big strong team. The needs of our customers are developing rapidly and being part of a strong international team provides us with the opportunity to support our existing and potential new customers in an even better way.” says Roland Sieber (managing director, CDS) and Benno Meyer (managing director, CDS) continues, “We look forward to the close collaboration with our new colleagues and offering new possibilities like BIM, Building/Architecture and more services to our customers. With the advances made within e.g. digital product development it is good to draw upon a large team of experts.“

NTI’s German expansion

Jesper Kalko, Owner of NTI Group, says, “It makes me proud to see how the NTI Group is expanding further in Germany and that we are welcoming new colleagues. It is important for us to be an active collaboration partner that can inspire new ways of working in an increasing digital world - drawing on a large pool of experts, while still having local knowledge and insight. We look forward to continuing the journey with all of our customers and colleagues.”

About NTI Group

The NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and amongst the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with a revenue run rate of more than EUR 200 million and more than 500 employees in Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Italy Norway, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands. NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digital solutions for the construction, design, and manufacturing industries across Europe.

CINTEG Design Solutions

NTI CINTEG Design Solutions, operating under the name of CINTEG Design Solutions offers software solutions, consultancy services and training courses to companies within primarily the manufacturing industry. For more please refer to


CINTEG AG provides IT solutions in the fields of engineering and design focusing on digital product development, PLM, CAD/CAM solutions, IT systems, 3D printing, ERP and service for medium-sized companies. For more please refer to For more please refer to

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Steen Alexander, NTI Group CEO E: [email protected] / M: +45 2149 2140

Jesper Kalko, Owner of NTI Group E: [email protected] / M: +45 2161 7239

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Benno Meyer, Managing director E: [email protected] /Tel: +49 7161 6280-0