NTI expands cooperation with FARO

We are happy to announce that NTI has become total provider of FARO scanning solutions in Scandinavia and Iceland to help our customers accelerate digital transformation.



Accelerating digital transformation

At NTI we strive to help our customers develop profitable, better, and more sustainable designs and constructions in an increasingly challenging world by delivering technology that focuses on accelerating digital transformation. Hence, we are happy to announce, that NTI has become official partner for FARO in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Plant and Process as well as Factory Design & Retrofit. You can learn more about 3D scanning here.

Strengthening our collaboration with FARO, providing 3D scanners and software, brings many new opportunities to our customers in Scandinavia and Iceland. Among other things, 3D scanning and software enable our customers to bring precision and speed into their projects by employing the FARO 3D measurement technology to:


  • ensure accurate data, measurements, and project documentation on buildings
  • improve quality and reduce rework at every stage of construction
  • create 3D models for design layout and projection.

Plant and Process/ Factory Design & Retrofit

  • document process plants and units and verify as-built documentation
  • conduct quality control, enhance data quality, and improve inspection processes
  • improve alignment and part placement, speed up tooling or maintenance.

About NTI

The NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and amongst the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with 365 (incl CADsys) employees and a revenue of more than EUR 100 million (incl CADsys). NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of solutions for digital information management for companies in construction, design, and industry.

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About FARO

As the global leader in 3D measurement, imaging, and realization solutions, bridging the digital and physical worlds is what we do best. We help manufacturers eliminate costly errors, builders construct astonishing projects and law enforcement establish better cases. We give engineers, designers and investigators the tools to get to “that’s it!” faster.

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