technopart in Germany joins the NTI Group

The NTI Group (‘NTI’) increases the presence once again in Germany (in Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia) with the joining of technopart CAx Systeme GmbH, henceforth, NTI technopart. NTI is thus present with offices in Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands with more than 380 employees in total.

NTI in Germany looks forward to supporting customers with our team of now more than 90 competent experts from our 10 locations in entire Germany.



Strengthening and expansion of the NTI Group in Germany

Steen Alexander, CEO NTI Group, says: “I am very happy that the NTI Group is increasing the presence in Germany once again. The inclusion of technopart is a part of our strategy to expand our German footprint with competent partners covering a large geographic area in Germany. technopart has been in the business for close to 30 years and ads to the competences specifically within machine building and plant construction. In addition to this, NTI technopart also enables us to support customers directly from North Rhine-Westphalia. It is very important for our German customers and thus for NTI to be a local partner while at the same drawing on support from our strong global organization.”

Combining strengths & competences

”In order to support our customers the best way and continue to do what we do best, but also being able to support the future needs of our customers, we are very pleased to join the NTI Group. The needs of our customers are continuously developing and by teaming up with the strong team of experts that the NTI offers, we felt that we could provide our customers with added expert knowledge and continue to meet their future requirements. The corporate culture of NTI where passion meets skills and competences while collaborating and inspiring our customers made our decision to join NTI easy. We look forward servicing our customers as before, but now with the added support and pool for experts from the rest of the NTI Group”; explains Markus Heinzelmann, Managing Director of technopart.

“We are very excited about the future outlook” adds Andreas Juraschek, Managing Director of technopart and continues, “For us it has been essential that we choose a path where we can continue to support our customers in the best way, but also offer new possibilities and services.”

Andreas Juraschek.png

Andreas Juraschek - Managing Director

Markus Heinzelmann.JPNG

Markus Heinzelmann - Managing Director

The continued NTI growth journey in Europe

Jesper Kalko, Owner of NTI Group, says: “NTI was founded 1945 in Denmark and it makes me proud that we have continuously developed our offerings for more than 75 years. A journey that has led us from drawing boards to supplying, developing, and supporting digital solutions. Having strong local partners while relying on a strong international team is a vital part of staying in the top league of the European Autodesk Platinum partners and to support our customers with the strongest team possible. We look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to the NTI family and we are looking forward to continue the partnership with the customers of technopart.”

For more information, please contact:

Steen Alexander, NTI Group CEO
E: [email protected] / M: +45 2149 2140

Jesper Kalko, Owner of NTI Group
E: [email protected] / M: +45 2161 7239

Andreas Juraschek, Managing Director
E: [email protected] / Tel +49 5241-92537-0

Markus Heinzelmann, Managing Director
E: [email protected] / Tel   +49 5241-92537-0

About NTI Group

The NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and amongst the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with more than 380 (incl technopart) employees and a revenue of more than EUR 100 million.  NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digital solutions for the construction, design, and manufacturing industries across Europe.

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About technopart

NTI technopart, operating under the name of technopart, offers software solutions, consultancy services and training courses to companies within primarily the manufacturing industry.