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The NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digital solutions for the construction, design, manufacturing and media & entertainment industries.‚Äč
Through software solutions, consulting services and competence development, we drive successful digital transformations, ensuring our customers maintain their leading edge in their field. Empowering innovation, process optimization, and sustainability lies at the heart of our mission.
As a certified Autodesk Platinum Partner, the NTI Group ranks among the leading Autodesk partners worldwide.


Autodesk Platinum Partner

Amongst top Platinum Partners


Founded 1945

More than 75 years of experience


13 Countries

Present globally with over 875 professionals.

No Challenge Too Small

We are a full-service provider that support you through our technology solutions as well as our training and knowledge-sharing activities.

We are proud to say that we help companies ranging from 1 to 1.000 employees. Our solutions are fully scalable, and you can get guidance and help every step of the way – from software installation to business counseling and employee training. 

We make our knowledge and expertise accessible through our local teams and our own developed software solutions – meaning that you can rely on us no matter what challenges you are facing.