What We Do

Supporting, improving, and inspiring.


Inspiring You to Improve

NTI is a consultancy and software company for all creators and innovators. Our experienced experts are committed to supporting, improving, and inspiring people and companies within the construction, design, manufacturing and media & entertainment industries.
As a reliable and honest digitalization partner, we guide our customers to continuously innovate in a sustainable way, resulting in faster and more efficient workflows and keeping them as front runners in their field.


We Have Helped ...


... And many more.


Proud Generalists and Specialists

Our prime commodity is our knowledge, and our highest priority is to share and broaden that knowledge for the benefit of all our customers. We make our knowledge accessible through state-of-the-art software solutions, our expert consultancy, and our world-class academy.

Software Solutions

We offer a wide range of software solutions and as a certified Autodesk Platinum Partner, the NTI Group ranks among the leading Autodesk partners worldwide. Furthermore, we develop our own products in recognition of one solution doesn’t fit all. Our software solutions all share the same qualities: they all automate, optimize and streamline your daily work life.


Our consultancy is the foundation of our enterprise. All of our consultants are experts in their field and are motivated by giving our customers tailored, reliable and honest counseling. In our experience, this approach gives our customers the absolute best results, where innovation, quality and efficiency all combined keep them ahead of the market.

NTI Academy

We want you to excel at what you do – while evolving at the same time. NTI Academy ensures that your skillset is up-to-date, and if possible, above and beyond the basics of your field, so you keep your competitive edge and advantage in a world of constant change.