The Story of NTI

The story about NTI starts in Denmark but is a patchwork of stories from all twelve countries. A melting pot of strong companies with shared values and visions that reinforce and complement each other. 

Where it All Began

NTI was founded 1945 in Denmark. Originally producing and supplying drawing boards to the design and construction industry. 

In the 1980’es we ventured into the digital era with AutoCAD and started our own digital journey. A journey that has led us from drawing boards before the era of computers and software technology, to supplying, developing, and supporting digital solutions.

Whether it is about addressing challenges such as digital transformation, Smart-Industry 4.0, Digital Twins, or the European BIM-protocol, innovation and constantly developing and evolving our solutions have been our key motivator throughout the years.

Going International

The international journey started in 2004 where NTI expanded into Sweden, leading to becoming the first Autodesk Platinum Partner in the Nordics in 2015. 

From the first expansion outside of Denmark, we have since grown into twelve countries so far. Teaming up with strong partners that share our vision and creating a capable and passionate team ready to support our customers both locally and globally.


Our Values



Our Vision

We strive to be the leading advisor and our customers’ preferred partner in delivering technology and consulting services to the construction, design, manufacturing and media & entertainment industries.

Our Mission

We want to help our customers develop profitable, better, and more sustainable designs and constructions in an increasingly challenging world.

Our Promise

We will meet your expectations through a close cooperation based on commitment, reliability, humility, and mutual respect.