NTI Group welcomes the French NAKO Group and Eurostudio

NTI Group, one of Europe’s leading software and services providers to the construction, design, and manufacturing industries, has today announced the acquisition of the French NAKO Group along with Autodesk Gold Partner Eurostudio. The NTI Group thereby expands its footprint by entering the French market.

The NTI Group (‘NTI’) is now entering the French market by acquiring the NAKO Group along with Autodesk Gold Partner Eurostudio. NTI is amongst the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with offices in 10 countries after the inclusion of the NAKO Group.

Founded in 1997, the NAKO Group has established itself as the French leader in IT solutions for the AEC industry. In 2017, NAKO acquired Eurostudio, an Autodesk Gold partner, to strengthen its service offerings. Software, hardware, IT outsourcing, backup and cybersecurity, the NAKO group provides a 360-service offering to French companies in the AEC market. With its values of agility, attentiveness and proximity, NAKO is an essential partner in the field of IT services. The NAKO Group has a yearly revenue of approximately €20 million and the 42 employees work from 2 locations in France (Paris and Lyon).

With the acquisition, NTI will be present in 10 countries with more than 600 employees and a total of 62 offices.

Nicolas Vallet and Jesper Kalko

Entering the French market

Steen Alexander, CEO NTI Group, says: “I am very proud to share the news that the NTI Group is now expanding into the French market. It is a new and exciting chapter for both our businesses, and we look forward to welcoming our new French customers and colleagues to the NTI Group. By entering the French market, we will broaden our geographic reach in Europe as well as have the opportunity to bring our own IP to the French customers. As the NAKO Group and Eurostudio become a part of the NTI group, they can draw on a large pool of experts and join us in our mission to help our customers develop profitable, better, and more sustainable designs and constructions. Our key priority, as always, remains to be our focus on servicing our customers. A very warm welcome to both our new French customers and colleagues ".

Becoming a part of a strong global Group

“We are very happy to have taken a big step forward and joined a strong global partner like NTI, with strong expertise in the architecture field.”, says Nicolas Vallet, CEO of NAKO Group.

“We look forward to continuing supporting our customers as always, but now with the support of an extended network of NTI experts. By joining the NTI Group, we are providing a solid foundation for achieving more and supporting our customer in an even better way.” Jesper Kalko, Director of NTI Group, adds: “I am excited that we are now entering the French market. Since 2017 we have established our presence in five new countries, and we look forward to continuing our journey with an even stronger team across Europe. A warm welcome to all our new customers and colleagues!”

NTI Group

The NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and amongst the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with a revenue run rate of more than EUR 250 million and more than 600 employees in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and The Netherlands. NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digital solutions for the construction, design, and manufacturing industries across Europe.


Nako Group

The NAKO Group supports companies in the AEC industry by providing IT outsourcing services, security, software, and hardware solutions. For more information, visit: https://nako.fr/ and https://eurostudio.fr/




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